School Overview (FAQ)
This report contains information about ALEXANDRIA MONTESSORI.
Grade Span: Pre-K to 8th
Address: 2900 ACOSTA ST
DAYTON, OH 45420
Phone: 937-293-8986
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School Profile
Start Date Not Reported
End Date Not Reported
Year round N
Discretionary Dollars per pupil Not Reported
Community Educational Climate AVERAGE
Total Dollar Expenditure Not Reported
School Category Ratings (FAQ)
Academics Not Rated
Athletics Not Rated
College Prep Not Rated
Facilities Not Rated
Healthy Food Options Not Rated
Student Success Not Rated
Technology Not Rated
Overall Quality Not Rated
Principal Leadership Not Rated
Teacher Quality Not Rated
Extracurricular Activities Not Rated
Parent Involvement Not Rated
Safety and Discipline Not Rated
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Students Per Grade
No data found.
Enrollment and Staffing
Teachers & Professional Staff 4
Students 23
Classrooms n/a
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